The Hero’s Journey (Paul Rebillot)

The Hero’s Journey (according to Paul Rebillot) is a one-week intensive self-awareness or personal development seminar. With the help of elements of Gestalt therapy, bodywork, mindfulness, mediation, fantasy journeys, rituals and creative techniques, you face your inner conflicts and learn to develop your full potential. You learn to recognize your wishes, ideas and goals more clearly. This gives you the chance to get in touch with your inner conflict between the desire for change and the desire for security and stability, to express it in a playful, creative way and thereby experience transformation.

The Hero’s journey is a creative adventure journey to yourself. The seminar was developed by Paul Rebillot. He called it “healing theater – a modern rite of passage”. The therapeutic concept of the seminar is a mix of creative as well as individual methods of humanistic psychology. It addresses equally mind, body, feeling and sensing.

As part of my further training as a Gestalt therapist, I completed the Held*innenreisetraining under the direction of Andreas Kleindienst.

I have personally found the Paul Rebillot Hero’s Journey to be very wholesome. Due to a life and relationship crisis, I came across the Hero’s Journey in 2016. I was able to experience it as a fascinating, holistic and supportive process. It was the first step on my path to myself. I was able to get to know myself on a deeper level, which made me a more complete person. Since then I have the desire to offer this possibility to other people and to accompany them on their way to more wholeness and fulfillment.

The most hero’s journey offers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are in German. There are many people who do not have the chance to take part if they do not feel comfortable enough with the German language. I would like to offer it also to those people who are much easier with English. The project just started but I would like to encourage you to let me if you are interested in the English Hero’s Journey. This would help me to priorize my projects 🙂

I am updating this website regularly with the project progressing.

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